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Pivot Point Chapter 10 Hairstyling (2)

  1. 1. The ? of the curl will be determined by the diameter of the tool or pincurl.
  2. 5. ? shapes or sections include circles, ovals and oblongs.
  3. 6. ? are created using parallel curved distribution.
  4. 8. With a square shape, the hair is usually distributed ? from the center of the shape.
  5. 9. A center part on a round or square face will ? the roundness or squareness.
  6. 11. As a general rule, ? parts work well with an oval face shape but not with a round, square or long, thin facial shape.
  7. 12. ? are lines that subdivide shapes or sections to help distribute and control the hair.
  8. 16. ? shapes have radial or parallel distribution.
  9. 17. Correctly placed ? will enhance the appearance of your client's hairstyle.
  10. 20. When two oblongs ?, they create an S shaped movement or a wave.
  11. 21. Once straight or curved shapes have been sectioned, the hair can be set with rollers or pincurls to produce the final desired ?.
  12. 22. Before beginning to set the hair, you'll need to subdivide the head into major areas or ?.
  1. 2. ? or shaping is the process of combing wet hair into the desired position.
  2. 3. On a long face, a center part will ? the length.
  3. 4. The most common ? shapes are the square, rectangle and triangle.
  4. 7. A single ? creates a C shaped movement.
  5. 8. ? shapes are used to move the hair in one direction, generally away from the face.
  6. 10. A ? requires the use of radial distribution.
  7. 13. An entire design or hairstyle will always be composed of some combination of ?.
  8. 14. ? shapes have parallel distribution.
  9. 15. ? and squares can be used with radial or parallel distribution.
  10. 18. Subsections are often called ?.
  11. 19. The ? is the hair between the scalp and the first turn around the roller, thermal iron or round brush.
  12. 23. The ? base is the area between partings within a shape or, the section of hair on which the roller, thermal iron or round brush is placed.