Play with Visit Tuscany

  1. 1. The name of the almond biscuits made in Prato
  2. 3. The biggest Tuscan island
  3. 5. Which great museum hosts Botticelli's Venus?
  4. 7. Who is the author of the Divine Comedy?
  5. 9. A typical kind of pasta from southern Tuscany
  6. 11. An important contemporary tenor born in Tuscany
  7. 12. In which town you can taste the cacciucco fish soup?
  8. 13. Where is the famous Piazza del Campo?
  9. 14. Which is the city of marble?
  1. 2. This renowned red wine is produced in the Tuscan region bearing the same name
  2. 4. Which great genius was born in Vinci?
  3. 6. This rich family from Florence supported the Renaissance art
  4. 8. Where is the famous bridge called "Ponte Vecchio"?
  5. 9. The city of the leaning tower
  6. 10. The name of the river passing through Florence and Pisa