1. 2. Electric-type Pokemon known for its adorable appearance and powerful electric attacks
  2. 4. Water-type Pokemon with powerful jaws and a fierce fighting spirit
  3. 7. Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon with a friendly and helpful personality
  4. 9. Dark-type Pokemon with a sleek and stealthy appearance
  5. 14. Water/Ice-type Pokemon with a gentle and friendly nature
  6. 15. Fire-type Pokemon known for its fiery power and strong loyalty
  7. 16. Water-type Pokemon with a powerful shell and water cannons on its back
  8. 17. Bug/Fighting-type Pokemon with powerful horns and incredible strength
  9. 18. Grass/Poison-type Pokemon with a giant flower on its back and a gentle nature
  10. 20. Psychic-type Pokemon known for its incredible intelligence and psychic abilities
  1. 1. Fire/Flying-type Pokemon known for its powerful flames and wings
  2. 3. Water/Flying-type Pokemon with a fierce temper and an intimidating presence
  3. 5. Fire-type Pokemon known for its loyal and protective nature
  4. 6. Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon with mischievous and playful tendencies
  5. 8. Electric-type Pokemon with a long, glowing tail and impressive power
  6. 10. Electric-type Pokemon with sharp electric spikes on its body
  7. 11. Water-type Pokemon with the ability to control water and swim at high speeds
  8. 12. Psychic-type Pokemon created through genetic engineering with incredible powers
  9. 13. Psychic-type Pokemon known for its graceful movements and psychic abilities
  10. 19. Normal-type Pokemon known for its love of sleeping and eating