Pokemon!! (Generation 1)

  1. 4. - This big, sleepy Pokemon can only be awoken with the song of a Poke-Flute.
  2. 6. Known as "The Legendary Pokemon" - though it isn't actually a Legendary.
  3. 9. In the anime, this enormous Pokemon is defeated by a sprinkler system.
  4. 10. This Pokemon has the Pokedex number of #001.
  5. 11. This Pokemon can reportedly fly at Mach 2.
  6. 13. Known as "The Electric Mouse Pokemon".
  7. 17. In the anime, this Pokemon often accompanies Nurse Joy.
  8. 20. In Alola, this Pokemon gains an absurdly long neck and Dragon typing.
  9. 21. It's name comes from the word "doppelganger".
  10. 23. An eyeless Pokemon common in caves.
  11. 24. A talking version of this Pokemon travels the land with Team Rocket.
  1. 1. This spoon-wielding Pokemon is loosely based on Uri Geller.
  2. 2. This oddly humanoid Psychic type Pokemon appears prominently in the Detective Pikachu movie.
  3. 3. This Pokemon evolves when another Pokemon bites onto it's tail.
  4. 5. A round Pokemon with an affinity for singing.
  5. 7. It's psychic powers give this Pokemon constant headaches.
  6. 8. - It is known for it's ability to transform into any other Pokemon.
  7. 11. - This digital Pokemon was banned from the anime after it's first episode gave children seizures.
  8. 12. This pokemon resembles a Pokeball - it's evolution flips the colors.
  9. 14. A Fiery dragon Pokemon (but notably not a Dragon type).
  10. 15. - This cute Pokemon has a variety of evolutionary paths, each a different type.
  11. 16. - This gentically-engineered Pokemon destroyed it's creators and has devastating psychic powers.
  12. 17. This is the first Pokemon Ash catches in the anime.
  13. 18. This famously useless Pokemon learns few moves, it's most famous being Splash.
  14. 19. - This Fossil Pokemon has a real-life pterosaur named after it.
  15. 22. It is well-known for wearing it's dead mother's skull as a mask.
  16. 24. - This Pokemon is said to be the ancestor of all other Pokemon.