Pokémon (TV-series)

  1. 2. Pokemon that is often seen following Team Rocket and causing trouble
  2. 6. Pokemon that evolves into Gyarados
  3. 8. Pokemon that evolves into Charizard
  4. 9. Group of trainers that Ash and his friends compete against in the Kalos League
  5. 11. Pokemon known for its ability to shape-shift into other Pokemon
  6. 13. Ash's traveling companions in the XY series
  7. 15. Ash's main rival in the Indigo League who often brags about his Pokemon's strength
  8. 17. Gym leader in Celadon City who uses grass-type Pokemon
  9. 18. Ash's rarely seen father
  10. 19. Pokemon that evolves into Pikachu
  1. 1. Region of the Johto League in the TV series
  2. 3. Organization that attempts to steal Pokemon in the Pokemon TV series
  3. 4. Pokemon known for its ability to regenerate body parts and evolve into one of two different forms
  4. 5. Town where Ash begins his journey in the Pokemon TV series
  5. 7. Pokemon caught by Ash in the first episode of the TV series
  6. 8. Pokemon that evolves into Butterfree
  7. 10. Region where the first season of the Pokemon TV series takes place
  8. 12. Gym leader in Saffron City who uses psychic-type Pokemon
  9. 14. Pokemon often seen following Ash and his friends in the TV series
  10. 16. Professor who gives Ash his first Pokemon in the TV series