Pop Culture

  1. 2. Everyone loves this pattern because it looks cool and is easy to do by yourself!
  2. 3. Arguably the most popular artist in the world right now
  3. 7. Everyone goes on Saturday nights to dance!
  4. 11. The woman sung about by Dolly Parton in her most popular song
  5. 13. The famous pants
  1. 1. A popular word, rhymes with 'keepers'
  2. 4. The animals made out of cheese or pineapple
  3. 5. The war being fought by Americans in the first half of this decade
  4. 6. The practice of dipping things in cheese or chocolate
  5. 8. The band that wrote the hit rock song 'Smoke on the Water'; Deep _______.
  6. 9. A popular adjective for things that were cool; rhymes with 'movie'
  7. 10. The way many black people started wearing their hair as a way to rebel from societal standards
  8. 12. What to say when you trick someone!