Pop Culture

  1. 3. Small digital images or icons used to express emotions or ideas in text messages and social media.
  2. 7. Accessing and watching movies, TV shows, or music online without downloading them.
  3. 8. Culture The passionate and dedicated following of celebrities, movies, TV shows, or other aspects of pop culture.
  4. 10. Individuals with a large following on social media who can influence trends and opinions.
  5. 12. Funny images, videos, or phrases that spread rapidly and become popular online.
  6. 13. Shows Popular television programs and series that capture the attention of viewers.
  7. 14. Famous individuals from the entertainment industry or other fields.
  1. 1. Games Interactive electronic games played on computers, consoles, or mobile devices.
  2. 2. Current trends and styles in clothing and accessories that are popular among people.
  3. 4. Popular films and cinematic productions that are widely watched and discussed.
  4. 5. Popular and prevailing styles, behaviors, or ideas that gain traction and influence in society.
  5. 6. The global network of computers and websites that connects people and provides information.
  6. 9. A popular social media platform for sharing short videos and creative content.
  7. 11. Media Online platforms and websites that allow people to connect and share content.
  8. 12. Popular songs and genres that are widely enjoyed and listened to.