Pop Culture

  1. 4. Individual who has a significant impact on the opinions, behaviors, and trends of others.
  2. 9. Fictional character with extraordinary abilities, often featured in comic books and movies.
  3. 10. Popular form of artistic expression through sound and rhythm.
  4. 13. Electronic game played on a computer, console, or mobile device.
  5. 14. Viral internet trend or image that spreads rapidly through social media and online communities.
  6. 16. Online video-sharing platform where users can upload, view, and interact with videos.
  7. 17. Method of delivering digital media content, such as music and movies, over the internet.
  8. 18. Popular style or trend in clothing, accessories, and personal appearance.
  9. 19. Combination of elements from different sources to create something new and unique.
  1. 1. Popular genre of music characterized by catchy melodies and widespread appeal.
  2. 2. Activity of playing video games, often as a form of entertainment or competition.
  3. 3. Highly successful and widely popular movie, often breaking box office records.
  4. 5. Collectible items associated with popular culture, such as autographs or movie props.
  5. 6. Global network of interconnected computers, widely used for communication and information sharing.
  6. 7. Act of watching multiple episodes or seasons of a TV show in a single sitting.
  7. 8. Center of the American film industry and pop culture.
  8. 9. Online platforms for users to create and share content, interact, and network.
  9. 11. Magazine or book containing sequential art, often featuring superheroes or fictional stories.
  10. 12. - Electronic medium for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound.
  11. 15. Famous person widely recognized in popular culture.