Pop Culture

  1. 4. The impact of popular culture on the environment is commonly depleted resources and pollution. A big contributing factor to these problems is _____
  2. 5. An American entertainment company that is known for its extremely popular movies and comics revolving around superheros
  3. 6. An American fashion staple that has assimilated into the homes of many Indians
  4. 7. Iconic 25-year-old American Actress, known for her roles in various Disney Channel shows
  5. 8. The type of diffusion that is presented by popular culture icons
  6. 9. Popular culture is primarily motivated by ____ gain
  7. 11. A popular album that debuted in 2021 by a popular American Artist.
  8. 12. A wide array of customs, artifacts, beliefs, and cultural elements that are favored by most ordinary people.
  1. 1. A video game saga produced by Game Freak and published by Nintendo
  2. 2. A Japanese company that specializes in producing products relating to the kawaii segment of Japanese pop culture.
  3. 3. A reason why popular culture is so widespread and pervasive
  4. 10. A consumer byproduct of the everchanging environment in areas dominated by popular culture