pop culture review

  1. 3. Censorship laws in the early days of film
  2. 7. 1980's action movie shows cynical view of cops and government in fight againist terrorism
  3. 12. Joker and batman clash over the fate of Gotham
  4. 13. Name for dating in 1900's where men would leave a card for women
  5. 15. Fear of Communism taking over America
  6. 16. A shark terrorizes a small coastal town
  7. 18. Nickname for dangerous women that appeared in Film Noir style movies
  8. 19. 1930's movie where circus people get revenge
  9. 21. 1960's movie where an interracial couple meet the parents
  10. 22. Portrayed every parents worst nightmare, out of control teenagers
  11. 25. nickname for 1999 changing to 2000 and fear of what would happen
  12. 26. movie satire of FDR and the New Deal
  13. 27. 1930's movie showing the danger of Mob Life
  14. 29. Company that introduced the 1st home computer
  15. 30. nickname for Young Urban Professionals in the 1980's
  16. 31. all female remake of 80’s comedy classic
  1. 1. dystopian novel made into move, mostly male cast trying to survive
  2. 2. Retelling of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, Boy gets paid to date Girl
  3. 4. retelling of the horror genre
  4. 5. What invention changed the way people dated in 1900's
  5. 6. A down on his luck boxer gets his shot at a title
  6. 8. New style of music in the 70's, Bee Gee's Staying Alive
  7. 9. Type of movie popular in 1930's to help people escape life during the Great Depression
  8. 10. Name of Charlie Chaplin's character in Modern Times
  9. 11. told the tale of George Bailey
  10. 14. Music that parents feared in the 1950's
  11. 17. A horror take on interracial dating in 2017
  12. 20. Teens are forced to attend Saturday detention and unlikely relationships are formed
  13. 23. Three day music festival in upstate New York
  14. 24. A movie that introduce new technology and capitalized on America's fascination with space
  15. 28. new style of music that allowed African Americans to express their issues with society