Pop Culture

  1. 3. Movie Capital of the World (In California)
  2. 5. The name of the Butler on the show "Jessie"
  3. 6. The hit song from the movie "Frozen"
  4. 8. The actress who played Hannah Montana
  5. 9. The name of the App in which you can send pictures as messages
  6. 10. The pop music artist with the song "One Last Time"
  7. 13. The Artist who sings "Stay with Me"
  8. 14. The name of the snowman in the movie "Frozen"
  9. 15. The name of Spongebobs squirl friend
  1. 1. The name of the TV show in which the big sister makes video diaries for the little sisiter
  2. 2. The pop group that sings "One Thing"
  3. 4. The pop artist that sings the song "Heart Attack"
  4. 7. The country music artist with the song "Shake it Off"
  5. 11. The Artist with the hit new song "Chains"
  6. 12. A Band instrument played with sticks
  7. 13. The name of the dog on "Dog with a Blog"