Popular Books

  1. 3. A horror story about a possessed amusement park.
  2. 6. Brandon Mull writes this fantasy series about a sanctuary for mystical creatures.
  3. 9. The kids in this story go to Hogwarts School.
  4. 11. This sports fiction novel is about a football player who takes performance enhancing drugs.
  5. 13. The main character in this story is a mechanic and a cyborg.
  6. 14. Mystery in which the last words of March's cat burglar father instructs him to "find jewels".
  7. 16. This is a fantasy story that revolves around the gods and heroes of greek mythology.
  8. 17. stolen This is a book about a kidnapping.
  9. 18. A biography that is written in graphic novel form.
  10. 19. Survival story about a boy who climbs Mt. Everest.
  11. 20. Novel about a girl who struggles after losing everything in a tornado.
  1. 1. Science fiction novel in which the vaccine for bees is turning teenagers into monsters.
  2. 2. Futuristic dystopian novel that takes place in Chicago.
  3. 4. All the characters in this fantasy series are dead.
  4. 5. This story is like the Hunger Games meets the Bachelor.
  5. 7. An adventure in which the main character is looking for his brother who is underground.
  6. 8. One of the characters in this story is half giant/half human.
  7. 10. A book written in verse about a girl who loses her arm.
  8. 12. A book character who has electric powers.
  9. 15. Realistic fiction novel about a girl struggling with dyslexia.