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Principles, Elements, and Color Wheel

  1. 4. includes balance,proportion,harmony, unity, dominance, rhythm, and contrast
  2. 8. color harmony of one chroma in different values
  3. 9. includes line, form, space, fragrance, size, color
  4. 11. created by repeating lines, shapes and forms
  5. 13. combination of any three colors equally distant from one another on a color wheel
  6. 14. repeating materials in a design; secondary principle of rhythm
  7. 19. organization of components into a whole
  8. 20. area of authority in a design
  9. 22. any three colors which are side by side on a 12 part color wheel
  10. 23. mixture of two primary colors in equal amounts
  11. 27. total area a person can see
  12. 28. equality of distribution throughout an arrangement
  13. 30. brightness or darkness of a hue
  14. 31. visual pathway the eye follows in an arrangement
  15. 32. two colors on either side of a complement; a hue and any two adjacent colors
  16. 34. three dimensional configuration or shape
  17. 35. secondary principle of contrast; used to create higher interest
  18. 37. light reflected off an object
  19. 38. composed of different materials on either side of the central axis
  1. 1. secondary principle of rhythm
  2. 2. are created using reds, oranges, and yellows; represent sunlight and heat.
  3. 3. area occupied by materials
  4. 5. achieved when all elements, flowers,foliage, and containers complement each other
  5. 6. combination of all color harmonies; showing a variety or change of colors
  6. 7. any two colors which are directly opposite each other in a color wheel
  7. 10. visual or tactile feel of an item; surface quality
  8. 12. created using blue, greens, and purples; usually represent water or the sky
  9. 15. secondary principle of dominance; areas that stand out in a design
  10. 16. colors which do not show up at a distance
  11. 17. building blocks of colors; red, yellow, blue
  12. 18. floral material which has an "airy" look to create the finishing touch
  13. 21. colors which can easily be seen from a distance
  14. 24. amount of black in a color
  15. 25. amount of space a component occupies in an arrangement
  16. 26. visual movement throughout a design
  17. 29. four colors equally spaced on a color wheel
  18. 33. amount of white in a color
  19. 36. the brightness or dullness of a color