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  1. 2. Macronutrient used as minor fuel source during prolonged endurance exercise
  2. 5. Type of athlete who may be at risk for protein & kcal (energy) deficiency (starts with a "W")
  3. 8. Type of exercise that involves a "lengthening" contraction
  4. 10. Acronym for Delayed onset muscle soreness
  5. 11. 4 R's of Recovery = ________, Refuel, Rehydrate, and Relax
  6. 13. Type of athlete which uniquely has the highest protein needs (answer contains a hyphen)
  7. 15. Carbohydrate + protein post exercise enhances release of hormones ________ & growth hormone
  8. 16. Popular and legal ergogenic aid which benefits explosive, high-intensity, very short-duration exercise primarily
  9. 17. ________makes protein metabolism more efficient & less protein is "wasted
  10. 18. ________ Syndrome = untreated, excessive training overload with inadequate rest leading to a decline in performance and inability to train
  11. 19. Optimal number of minutes post-exercise in which protein should be consumed (answer contains a hyphen)
  12. 21. Fast-acting (absorbing) type of protein to consume immediately after exercise for repair/recovery
  1. 1. Primary AA metabolized during endurance exercise
  2. 3. Catabolic hormone released in response to exercise-induced inflammation, stress, fasting & inadequate sleep
  3. 4. Protein synthesis is suppressed during exercise but ________ post-exercise
  4. 6. Exercise training may likely ________ NH3 (ammonia) production - which is possibly related to fatigue
  5. 7. Type of athlete who uses most protein during actual exercise
  6. 9. Adequate ________ before and during exercise provides a protein-sparing effect
  7. 11. Type of training that promotes synthesis of contractile proteins (actin & myosin)
  8. 12. Type of "environment" created when protein consumed immediately post exercise to promote protein synthesis/repair
  9. 14. AA group which contributes most as fuel source when glycogen stores low
  10. 20. Recommended number of grams of protein to consume in a single dose post-exercise