Ratmas 2020 Crossword Challenge!

  1. 7. Reaper of the 81st Hunger Games
  2. 10. Tribute killed by an exploding latch crab in the 61st Hunger Games
  3. 12. Tribute who hides in bushes and fires arrows in her fight during the 85th Hunger Games
  4. 14. Myrcella, Jessica, ______, Nico
  5. 15. Who got 21st in the 86th?
  6. 17. "Mummy, mummy you promised thereā€™d be savage blood!" - quote from this writer
  7. 19. First tribute to be revived via the quell twist in the 85th Hunger Games
  8. 21. District Twelve tribute loses half their limbs in the 81st bloodbath
  9. 22. Presidential tribute receives a crushed skull, 65th Hunger Games
  10. 23. Tribute who risked drinking unpurified water in the 60th Hunger Games
  11. 24. One of the families that the Morenos declared to be their rivals after the 62nd Reaping
  12. 25. District Five orphanage that caught on fire and nearly burned down
  13. 28. Member with the most active characters (former tributes included) in the most populated District
  14. 30. Eldest active character as of the 86th Activity Check
  15. 32. Full name of the dragon beheader from the 66th Hunger Games
  16. 35. Saffron, Myara, ___, Clementa
  17. 37. Tribute whose use of frost dust resulted in their own death in the 86th Hunger Games
  18. 39. Surname of an infamously cruel Peacekeeper
  19. 41. Day Seven death titles their death thread "Migraine" in the 67th
  20. 42. "Did you kill _____ ?"
  21. 44. Tribute who carried around a cactus friend in the 81st Hunger Games
  1. 1. Male tribute who carved the phrase "Thank you, friend" into his palm in his sleep, 79th Hunger Games
  2. 2. First tribute (by IC chronology) to land a severed leg attack
  3. 3. First Hailsham to die in a Games
  4. 4. Weapon with highest average damage
  5. 5. Survivor of roulette in the 70th Hunger Games
  6. 6. District where Dars and Tris were both reaped for the first time together
  7. 8. Female tribute who masqueraded as a boy in the 59th Hunger Games
  8. 9. Tribute reveal for the 84th Hunger Games
  9. 11. Queen of the 83rd Hunger Games
  10. 13. Deadly look-alike mutt of the 70th Hunger Games
  11. 16. Tribute who lives, after, beside a field of sunflowers in an alternate world
  12. 17. First Tribute written by Clover to not receive a 9 in their PTS
  13. 18. A female tribute watches from the mountain as the hovercraft takes a friend in the 74th Hunger Games
  14. 20. This younger brother to a family legacy is stabbed in the neck by a District Eleven in the 76th Hunger Games
  15. 26. Tribute performs an aerial ribbon routine in her private training session, 86th Hunger Games
  16. 27. Weapon Peridot Myler started the finale using
  17. 29. First tribute (by OOC chronology) ever killed by a mutt
  18. 31. Maiden name of a widowed Victor
  19. 33. District where the first season of Clue took place
  20. 34. Name of Lance's second female tribute
  21. 36. First name of Kiah's tribute in the 64th Hunger Games
  22. 38. Until recently, Lepitera was a stylist for this District
  23. 40. Female tribute who sewed her lips shut
  24. 43. Twin to Kirito Miristioma