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Raven's Crossword

  1. 1. use precise descriptions and accepted medical terminology when describing a patient's condition
  2. 2. filing system that uses the patient problem list as the source for filing within the patient medical record
  3. 7. an audit that is done after billing is submitted
  4. 8. an audit that is done before billing is submitted
  5. 10. What does the A stand for in the abbreviation SOAP
  6. 12. transforming spoken notes into accurate written form
  7. 14. the process of recording information in a patient's medical record
  8. 16. subjective or internal conditions felt by the patient
  9. 17. contain important information about a patient's medical history and present condition
  10. 18. files files that need periodic attention
  1. 1. provide complete information that is readily understandable to others whenever you make any notation in the patient's chart
  2. 3. what leading cause of death in the united states is from medical errors
  3. 4. a record to examine and review a group of patient records for accuracy
  4. 5. a patient who does not follow the medical advice given
  5. 6. often abbreviated ROS and the results of a general physical examination
  6. 9. patient information is arranged within the cart or medical record according to who supplied the data
  7. 11. Objective or external factors
  8. 12. medical records should be kept up to date and be readily available when a doctor needs to see them
  9. 13. an electronic version of the comprehensive medical history and record of a patient's lifelong health
  10. 15. which of the 6 Cs means getting to the point