Raw Materials Crossword by Steel Market Update

  1. 6. A natural fuel used to heat furnaces or generate electricity.
  2. 7. This element is used in BOF steelmaking to oxidize impurities and adjust the carbon content of the steel.
  3. 8. This material is added into blast furnaces to combine with impurities, creating slag that must be tapped from the furnace.
  4. 11. A type of coal not to heat houses but to make steel, used in coking ovens.
  1. 1. The product of a blast furnace for use in a basic oxygen furnace for refining into steel. Its animal-like name dates back to times when hot metal was cast into sand bed molds via runners.
  2. 2. Obsolete scrap metal, prepared in a manner to ensure compact charging at the mill.
  3. 3. Clean steel scrap from industrial processes such as automotive stamping.
  4. 4. SMU’s introduction to steelmaking workshop developed in 2011.
  5. 5. Produced from roasting coal in an oven, the primary fuel in blast furnace steel production.
  6. 9. A material mined from the earth and the primary source of iron in steel production.
  7. 10. A type of scrap metal created from shredded automobiles that has been magnetically separated.