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  1. 2. words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs
  2. 6. meaningful elements in a word
  3. 7. term used to cover singular and plural
  4. 9. words that link other words, phrases, or clauses in a sentence
  5. 10. morphemes that can stand alone
  6. 12. words that link nouns or pronouns to other words within a sentence
  7. 13. process that transform a word into another word that has a related meaning
  8. 14. words that describe nouns and pronouns
  9. 15. names persons, places, things,ideas, or qualities
  1. 1. a modifying word that determines the kind of reference a noun or noun group has
  2. 3. morphemes that cannot stand alone
  3. 4. words that convey action, a state of being, or existence
  4. 5. verbs that take a noun phrase after them
  5. 8. verbs that do not require a noun phrase
  6. 11. words that replace a noun that has already been mentioned