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RFC Family Fitness Crossword

  1. 3. Attaches muscle to bone.
  2. 5. Quick breathing of in through the nose and out through the mouth commonly used in Pilates.
  3. 8. Good ______ is having good alignment of the spine and other joints.
  4. 9. You want to make sure you are well _____. Water is a good source for this.
  5. 12. Higher repetition exercise that incudes ballet inspired moves plus Pilates and dance.
  6. 14. Inflammation of the tissue under the foot connected from the heel to the toes.
  7. 16. Rhythmic exercise in the water.
  8. 18. 26.2 miles is a _____
  9. 20. A trade-marked dance style that focuses on Latin music and moves.
  10. 21. A common exercise used to focus on hamstring strength.
  11. 23. These two things usually go together: Speed &
  12. 24. Hanging exercise straps that can be used for strength, flexbility, etc.
  13. 25. A well-rounded workout includes strength, cardio and _______.
  1. 1. Most workouts will include a warm up and a _______.
  2. 2. A great tool to use for loosening muscles both before and after workouts.
  3. 4. A workout that is 20s. of work and 10s. of rest for 8 rounds.
  4. 6. To be able to do a form of exercise for a long time needs stamina or _______.
  5. 7. Jump up, reach down, jump back, push-up.
  6. 10. A half domed piece of fitness equipment.
  7. 11. The father of Pilates.
  8. 13. Exercises that require no equipment are called _______ exercises.
  9. 15. An event that requires swimming, biking, and running.
  10. 17. When beginning an exercise program you should set ______ goals.
  11. 19. You walk or run on this piece of cardio equipment.
  12. 22. Completing exercises based on sets, time or number of repetitions.