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Rhymes and Fairy Tales

  1. 2. snow white left home and stayed with seven of us
  2. 5. This person was the rat-catcher hired by the mayor of Hamelin
  3. 7. This girl had so long hair for the prince to climb up
  4. 9. A bag of wool is coming the way of this person who is crying
  5. 10. They came at night when the shoemaker was asleep and made a pairs of shoes
  1. 1. This creature didn't store food for winter, but the ant did.
  2. 3. The sleigh of Santa Claus is led by me
  3. 4. For Cinderella, this vegetable was turned into an elegant coach
  4. 6. bits of this lying on the floor makes the place untidy
  5. 8. Goddess gifted the axes to the woodcutter as an appreciation of this value