Romeo and Juliet Crossword By: Kyle Cichon

  1. 5. I raised Juliet
  2. 7. Romeo drinks this to kill himself
  3. 8. I am the prince of cats and I hate Romeo
  4. 9. Servant to the nurse
  5. 10. I am Romeo's cousin, I try to look out for Romeo by preventing fights
  6. 11. Our family hates Capulet's and consists of Romeo, and Benvolio
  7. 13. Ruler of Verona
  8. 15. This is what makes the play a tradgedy
  9. 18. I marry Romeo and Juliet. I also gave try to save Romeo and Juliet's relationship
  10. 19. Shakespeare plays were performed here
  1. 1. I am in love with Juliet and kill myself because I thought she was dead.
  2. 2. I am a relative to the prince, and I am good friends with Romeo
  3. 3. I am in love with Romeo and Tybalt is my cousin
  4. 4. Romeo is my ex boyfriend because I became a nun
  5. 6. The author of the play
  6. 10. I am the servant of Romeo
  7. 12. Where Romeo sneaks up to Juliet
  8. 14. I tried to marry Juliet before Romeo found her.
  9. 16. Our family hates montagues and consists of Juliet, and Tybalt
  10. 17. The city where the play takes place