Romeo and Juliet

  1. 5. Arden Shakespeare's mother.
  2. 6. Poor people that paid a penny to sit in pit area of the Globe theater.
  3. 7. Romeo and Juliet are married in the afternoon. Shortly thereafter, Romeo kills Tybalt. Capulet arranges for Juliet to marry Paris Thursday morning.
  4. 8. Prince of Verona.
  5. 9. Shakespeare's wife.
  6. 10. Street brawl that morning, and Romeo and Juliet meet that night.
  7. 11. At first in love with Rosaline.
  8. 17. Shakespeare's father.
  9. 19. Juliet flees to Friar Laurences's cell and late that night she takes the Friar's potion. Earlier, Capulet had changed the wedding day to Wednesday.
  10. 20. Juliet's father.
  1. 1. Nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo.
  2. 2. Nephew of Lady Capulet, cousin to Juliet.
  3. 3. Romeo buys poison. Juliet awakens, finds Romeo dead and stabs herself.
  4. 4. A priest who marries Romeo and Juliet thinking he will end the feuding between the Montagues and Capulets.
  5. 12. Daughter to Capulet.
  6. 13. Kinsman of the Prince and friend of Romeo.
  7. 14. Romeo's father.
  8. 15. Servant to Romeo.
  9. 16. Juliet is discovered "dead" and is taken to the Capulet tomb.
  10. 18. A young nobleman, kinsman of the Prince.