1. 4. A bowl that has not been delivered with sufficient length to reach its objective.
  2. 6. Used to mark a toucher.
  3. 7. Seven Times Men's Singles SJP Champion and former Australian Coach.
  4. 8. Designates the point from which bowls must be delivered for a particular end.
  5. 10. Held in the air to indicate shots won.
  6. 12. Expression to confirm if you or your team have one or more bowls closest to the jack.
  7. 13. The player in team who delivers their bowl last.
  8. 14. The number of shots received by a player or team at the conclusion of an end.
  9. 17. Provision for placing the jack back within the confines of the rink, on a predetermined place.
  10. 18. Provide adjudication of the rules of competition.
  11. 20. Following a bowl after delivery down the green with visible expressions of hope, intent, or exasperation.
  12. 21. Also known as a cot, the pill, the dolly, kitty or the white.
  13. 24. Mascot of Australian National Team.
  14. 26. Name of lawn bowls manufacturer.
  15. 27. The playing of the jack and all the bowls of all players (or teams) once in a single direction.
  16. 28. The natural curve built into a bowl.
  1. 1. Current Saint and Male Australian Jackaroos.
  2. 2. Short bowl used to affect opponent’s path to the intended target.
  3. 3. Current Saint and Female Australian Jackaroos.
  4. 5. A type of grass.
  5. 7. Person who curates the greens.
  6. 9. Bowl which comes in to contact with jack.
  7. 11. A bowl delivered with the maximum force that a player can exert.
  8. 14. Placed under a bowl to hold it in place on the green to measure.
  9. 15. Another name for the bowl.
  10. 16. When a bowl is deflected during its progress after delivery.
  11. 17. The portion of the green which is in play for a particular game.
  12. 19. Used to judge the distance between the jack and one or more bowls at the conclusion of an end.
  13. 22. Term indicates that your bowl is the closest to the jack.
  14. 23. Bowl which ends outside of the rink boundary.
  15. 25. Nickname of New South Wales State Team.