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  1. 2. You would find this no-nonsense pNPC among those guarding the Queensgate Garrison
  2. 3. Hereditary ______ are a unique cultural feature of Salsola.
  3. 6. An important ritual wherein members are marked with the Hand of Eris.
  4. 9. Salsola's established horse breed, the Pauson Horse, is named after this toxic plant.
  5. 10. This ritual could be undertaken as either a punishment or a show of personal stoicism.
  6. 11. Where Salsola's special mushroom are found to grow quite rampantly.
  7. 12. The lowest rank you can hold if you want to claim a house in the Ruins.
  1. 1. A popular locale for practitioners in Salsola's coven.
  2. 4. New Associates are bonded to a _______ during their trial of membership.
  3. 5. Salsola carries a strict _________ structure and bias.
  4. 7. This Anicomb was awarded this year to members who participated in Salsola's 10th Birthday Festivities. (2 wds)
  5. 8. New as of this year, The Maestro is the head of the ____ Faction.