Samantha A. Cole's Books

  1. 5. Where did Chet grow up?
  2. 6. What was Haven's call sign for the op in India?
  3. 8. Who came up with the Omega Team's name
  4. 10. Name of the black-ops agency Carter and Jordyn work for
  5. 12. What island was Brad and Avery vacationing on when it was interrupted by someone wanting revenge?
  6. 13. What is the name of the town that Trident Security's safehouse is in?
  7. 15. What country was Jordyn born in?
  8. 19. Where did Kat want Boomer to take her on a date?
  9. 21. Which Omega Team member gave Mallory his coat in the Rocky Mountains?
  10. 23. Tyler Ellis's profession
  11. 24. Nickname of operative killed in Tuff Enough
  12. 27. What is the name of Charlotte's cat?
  13. 28. Who did Cain Foster work for before joining the TS Omega Team?
  14. 29. What is Marco's pet name for Harper?
  15. 30. Name of Princess Tahira's homeland
  16. 32. Which one of the Omega Team did Summer turn down a date with?
  17. 35. Name of the SAIC in Tampa who hates Carter and the men of Trident
  18. 36. What did Jake watch on TV while Nick was being punished with a blindfold and restraints
  19. 37. Name of Brody's eldest sibling
  20. 39. What is the name of the motorcycle shop Curt owned with his brother?
  21. 41. What car does Carter drive when he's in Tampa?
  22. 42. First name of Babs's ex-husband
  23. 43. Name of Gray and Remi's company
  24. 46. What did Amanda call her father's best friend in Whiskey Tribute?
  25. 48. State that Curt and Dana live in
  26. 49. What is the name of the Navy's ship Haven was flown to after being shot?
  27. 50. Jake's pet name for Nick
  28. 52. What branch of the military was Logan "Cowboy" Reese in?
  29. 53. Where was Abigail's fathers vacationing when the news of her relationship with Remi and Gray hit the internet?
  30. 57. Name of Kristen Ander's publisher
  31. 58. What organ transplant did Carter's nephew need?
  32. 59. First name of Angie's deceased brother
  33. 60. Name of "Underground Railroad" type of organization for abused women who helped Alyssa and her mom escape abuse
  34. 61. Name of Tori's charity
  35. 62. Name of retired Team Four SEAL who kept Alyssa safe until Jake could get to her
  36. 64. Brand name of the coffee Babs brought with her on the TS jet
  37. 65. Name of supermodel Ian used to top
  38. 66. What was Jordyn's uncle's occupation?
  1. 1. Name of the pilot who flies the Trident Security's jet
  2. 2. What business were the gang members trying to break into in Entertaining Distraction?
  3. 3. What is the name of Brie's bar/restaurant?
  4. 4. What make of vehicle was Carter driving when he and Jordy were being chased in Malaysia?
  5. 7. What state was Paige Merritt born in?
  6. 9. Where was Kat living while in witness protection?
  7. 11. What country music star announced Summer's name when she won the award for Female Artist of the Year?
  8. 14. What does Jenn call the Sawyer family patriarch?
  9. 16. First name of FBI profiler who has appeared in both the Malone Brothers and Trident Security series
  10. 17. What does Master Carl do for a living?
  11. 18. Who was on the team that rescued Logan in Afgahnistan?
  12. 20. Name of submissive who escaped the Kink Killer
  13. 22. What did Tyler have tattooed on his shoulder blade after Mitch collared him and Tori?
  14. 25. What is Harper DeAngelis's real first name?
  15. 26. What is the name of Shane, Tucker, and Paige's home?
  16. 31. Name of FBI's second in command
  17. 32. Who came up with the idea for The Covenant?
  18. 33. Name of the backyard in the Trident Compaound that Angie created
  19. 34. What food can Carter not stand
  20. 38. What movie was supposed to be playing when Shane and Tucker got revenge on Bridget?
  21. 40. Jake's position on his team
  22. 44. What town in Florida does Princess Tahira's family have a vacation home?
  23. 45. What does Boomer love on his pizza that everyone else hates?
  24. 47. What did Ian threaten to give Boomer instead of Christmas bonus?
  25. 51. What is the name of Parker's construction company?
  26. 54. What was played to celebrate the opening of the new Covenant wing?
  27. 55. What breed is Russell's service dog, Jaggar?
  28. 56. What is the nickname the Omega Team finally gave to Cain Foster?
  29. 63. Name of Emma Donovan's new boyfriend
  30. 67. Brody's nickname his family gave him