Sankara Charithram - 1

  1. 4. This God came in the dream of Sivaguru
  2. 5. When his guru asked "Who are you"?, Sankara replied in the form this verse
  3. 9. Aryamba's Husband
  4. 12. Sankara surrendered to him and begged him to accept him as his deciple
  5. 13. Number of years Shiva told Sanakara will be alive for
  6. 14. The God who is the Kuladeivam of Sankaraa's family
  7. 15. The guru does this to his Shishyas
  8. 16. The berry fruit the poor Brahmin lady offered to Sankara
  9. 17. The River banks on which Sankara's Guru lived in meditation
  10. 18. Name of the river, the flows near Sankara's house
  1. 1. The process of renouncing the world and adopting an ascetic way of life
  2. 2. The method the students/Shishyas adopt, living with guru and learning the Vedas
  3. 3. The great sentences that essence and summary of the Vedas
  4. 6. Sankara called her 'Mom'
  5. 7. This animal caught hold of Sankara's legs when he was taking bath in the river
  6. 8. The verse Sankara composed instantly to alleviate the povery of the lady
  7. 10. Saints and Rishis do this continuously to receive God's grace
  8. 11. The Janmabhoomi of Sankara