satria esa pratama

  1. 6. Economics that studies all economic variable in a large of broad economic scope is?
  2. 8. Who need food, clothes, and shelter?
  3. 10. What can increase morale at work?
  4. 14. object The difference between microeconomic theory and macroeconomic theory lies in?
  5. 15. An act or object if the act or object is not justified by an applicable statutory regulation is called?
  6. 17. a condition where are country's economy tends increase the prise of goods and services in the long term is?
  7. 18. unrelated to economics?
  1. 1. income Examples of problems discussed in macroeconomics?
  2. 2. Our lives night be enjoable if we?
  3. 3. That studies human behavior in creating and creating wealth What is economics?
  4. 4. Data in the form of population and production are included in the group of economics?
  5. 5. Economics that studies parts of economic theory partially?
  6. 7. all community needs can be met scarcity in economics?
  7. 9. What is given after doing a job for one month?
  8. 11. economics The science that discusses the application of economic theory in real life is called?
  9. 12. economic events and solving problems the purpose of studying economics?
  10. 13. The science of economics is concerned with?
  11. 16. What must people do to get paid?