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Savannah History for Kids

  1. 2. John, Methodist leader, can be found in Reynolds Square
  2. 3. Native American leader who befriended Savannah's original settlers
  3. 5. Juliette Gordon Low founded this group
  4. 7. A monument, a fort & a square
  5. 10. Founded Savannah, has his own street downtown
  6. 11. William ___ Green, can be found in Madison Square
  7. 12. Historic preservationist with a hotel named after her
  8. 13. Civil War General who burned cities across Georgia but spared Savannah
  1. 1. Johnny the Songwriter
  2. 4. MLK's famous speech, once delivered at Second African Baptist Church
  3. 5. Last name Button, signer of the Declaration of Independence
  4. 6. Eli Whitney invented this device, changing the industry for one of Savannah's most popular goods
  5. 8. Clarence, Supreme Court Justice from Pinpoint
  6. 9. Mary, local philanthropist who created a women's hospital and the South's first art museum