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Savannah Nature

  1. 4. Type of grass that grows is salt water marshes
  2. 5. Another name for when salt and fresh waters mix
  3. 7. "If it's brown, leave it on the ground!" Sand____.
  4. 10. Hatching season for these sea creatures happens in the summer
  5. 11. Cannonball! Sometimes washed up on the beach
  6. 12. "Sea cows" sometimes spotted in shallow waters
  1. 1. Live in Savannah harbor year-round, friends with Flipper!
  2. 2. Small "jumping" crustaceans, enjoy them fried or steamed
  3. 3. Island wildlife center is home to over 50 species of animals
  4. 6. Large reptiles, not to be confused with crocodiles!
  5. 8. Popular summer catch turns red when cooked
  6. 9. Prehistoric bottom-feeder crab