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Scarborough Village By Sadaf

  1. 2. room It a place where teachers go
  2. 4. Kids use it to wright there homework on it
  3. 6. room It's a class where you can learn a different languish
  4. 7. It a place that people go to sign in or sign out
  5. 9. Teacher use to show off kids works
  6. 12. It made of plastic and it has ink
  7. 13. Kids can go on it and it goes up and down
  8. 14. They go there to play games and do fitness
  9. 16. When they put snacks on sale
  10. 17. You use it to fix your mistakes
  1. 1. You use it to go on the internet
  2. 2. An Event when you can share anything
  3. 3. You can write on it
  4. 5. When you do something good the teacher gives it to you
  5. 8. Kids do their work on it
  6. 9. They Play loud music
  7. 10. A place with books
  8. 11. Teacher uses it to know if your here
  9. 15. When kids go outside to play
  10. 16. People put paper in it