1. 4. Students started using these to do all there work since the pandemic has ended.
  2. 6. Students use this websites to check their grades.
  3. 11. Students go in here to eat their lunch.
  4. 12. Teachers use this website to see what there students are doing on their laptops.
  5. 13. Students use this item t get rid of their mistakes on paper.
  6. 15. Students learn subjects in these type of rooms.
  7. 17. Students do this when there is a fire in the school.
  8. 19. Students learn from these type of people.
  1. 1. Students use these to write down answers on paper.
  2. 2. Students may go in here to study or read books.
  3. 3. Almost every student hates this subject.
  4. 5. Students use this to write on.
  5. 6. Students use this to cut paper.
  6. 7. Students sit on these in their classroom.
  7. 8. Students use this so there pencil isn't dull.
  8. 9. Students walk in these to get to their classes
  9. 10. This certain item tells when a students goes to there next class
  10. 14. Students use these to carry around all their school supplies
  11. 16. This is a commonly gift that students give their teachers on teacher appreciation week.
  12. 18. Students get these type of people if they need extra help in school.