1. 1. classes about the language and literature of Poland
  2. 3. classes about the language and literature of Great Britain, the USA, etc.
  3. 6. the school subject about how to use modern technology
  4. 7. a place at school where students can buy something to eat
  5. 8. classes about how to draw or paint beautiful things
  6. 12. a long hallway in a building
  7. 13. a small stick of coloured wax used for drawing
  8. 14. a type of soft white stone used for writing or drawing
  9. 17. a tool for removing pencil marks from paper
  10. 18. a tool for cutting paper
  11. 21. a large black or green surface fixed to a classroom wall for writing on
  12. 22. a sticky substance that you use to fix things to each other
  13. 23. the subject about numbers
  1. 2. the subject about the physical world, and which is based on facts and experiments
  2. 4. a book with empty pages which you use for writing notes
  3. 5. the subject about people/events in the past
  4. 9. an object used for measuring or for drawing straight lines
  5. 10. a room for PE lessons
  6. 11. a room in a school
  7. 12. the subject about the substances found in the world and the reactions between them
  8. 15. the subject about the physical features of the world, i.e. climate or landforms
  9. 16. the subject about living organisms
  10. 19. a room/building where people can borrow books
  11. 20. a school subject where students do gymnastics or play sports