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  1. 6. describes a verb and other parts of speech
  2. 7. materials that do not let any light pass through them
  3. 10. a panel that operate a computer
  4. 12. takes the place or a noun
  5. 13. the fifth largest planet in our solar system and the third in distance from the sun
  6. 14. measure of whether a sound seems high or low
  7. 15. a clear liquid that has no taste or odor
  8. 17. person,place,thing,idea,or animal
  9. 19. ties your writing all together, green to remind reader what your writing was all about
  1. 1. tell a story though writing
  2. 2. english mathmetican and inventor who is credited as the father of the first automatic digital computer
  3. 3. with,also, along,with,as well as
  4. 4. expresses action or state of being
  5. 5. output device that displays information in pictorial form
  6. 6. the takingin of a light energy by an object
  7. 8. number of waves that pass a point in a certian amount of time
  8. 9. soft, white flakes of ice that fall from the sky too the earth
  9. 11. reflection of sound waves from a surfae back to the listener
  10. 16. stop, the point at where something no longer continues
  11. 18. large in size, amount, or number