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  1. 6. In school, the dress code ____________ girls wearing tank tops.
  2. 7. had to get my teachers ___________ to leave school early.
  3. 10. Some kids don't have many friends so they sit in ________ areas for school lunch.
  4. 12. Teachers need to ________ themselves of the idea that we should have homework on the weekends.
  5. 15. school staff make sure to have __________ rules about how we should act while we are at school.
  6. 17. a kid has to take on their parents responsibilities, it can be very _______ and overwhelming.
  7. 18. I always _________ myself when I start to struggle with my school work.
  8. 19. Some of the rooms in the school are really small and some are very _________.
  9. 21. It would be against _______ to come to school naked.
  10. 22. I finally started watering my plants correctly, I noticed they started to _______.
  11. 23. My teacher ____________ looked at me when I skipped class.
  1. 1. For our CER on coral bleaching, we need to ___________ our claim on what is causing coral bleaching.
  2. 2. The couples in this school can be very ____________ and it's gross.
  3. 3. Most of the kids in this school appear to be ____________.
  4. 4. our assignment was to __________ the mistake for each sentence.
  5. 5. have come to find that most people at school are just miserable and _______.
  6. 8. The work that my algebra teacher gives never __________ me.
  7. 9. The girls ______ the cafeteria bathroom between classes.
  8. 11. Coming back to school made me realize that the kids here can be very ____________.
  9. 13. I was so dehydrated that my face had a ________ look and I ended up passing out.
  10. 14. Instead of taking the shortcut to school, we took the __________ route.
  11. 16. When I donĀ“t like a teacher, their lessons become very _________ to me.
  12. 19. We had to make a precise _________ for our school project.
  13. 20. After a long debate, the class finally came to a _________.
  14. 21. Sometimes, I can be ________ when it comes to showing up to class on time.