School Gusher Crossword

  1. 2. What group of students triggered a fire alarm on september 23rd?
  2. 6. This is also known as reality shifting
  3. 9. What was the name of the story that forced Mr. Myers to do 100 hundred pushups?
  4. 10. What was used for studying car exhaust?
  5. 11. How many weeks does the UW's Summer High School Institute last each year?
  6. 12. Escape 307 can hold a minimum of two and a maximum of ___ for their escape rooms
  1. 1. What NC student caught a rainbow trout from McKenzie Lake?
  2. 3. Joey’s Foundation, an organization focusing on mentoring kids through what?
  3. 4. The UW’s Summer High School Institute is important because it has sophomores thinking about what?
  4. 5. What team had 6-0 going into a big tournament in Cheyenne?
  5. 7. the county we are in
  6. 8. How many years did Carl House served the US Navy for?