1. 2. This science deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  2. 4. This is the study of the human mind.
  3. 8. This is the study of the flow and control of electricity.
  4. 10. This science studies the use of x-rays and radiation.
  5. 12. science This science studies farming.
  6. 14. This is the study of the Earth and its structure.
  7. 15. engineering This science studies machines, their designs and uses.
  8. 16. Scientists in this field study forces, energy, and matter.
  1. 1. This science deals with elements and compounds.
  2. 3. This science deals with electronic devices and related hardware and software.
  3. 5. science This science deals with the earth, its atmosphere, and its nature.
  4. 6. This is the study of living things.
  5. 7. This is the study of animals.
  6. 9. This is the study of numbers and their relationships.
  7. 11. This science studies the structure of the body.
  8. 13. This science studies the stars and space.