Science Crossford

  1. 5. A space body orbiting a star and receiving light and heat from it
  2. 9. The smallest planet in the solar system
  3. 10. is the science of representatives of the animal kingdom, including man.
  4. 14. A combination of physical and chemical processes in a cell. An active form of existence
  5. 15. A particle of matter of microscopic size and mass
  6. 16. is a science about the Universe that studies the location, movement, structure, origin and development of space bodies.
  7. 18. gas shell of the Earth
  8. 19. is a field of human activity aimed at the development and systematization of objective knowledge of reality.
  9. 20. the material world of the Universe, the natural habitat.
  1. 1. The science of wildlife, the laws of organic life.
  2. 2. is the only natural satellite of the Earth.
  3. 3. a term, in the broad sense, can act as a synonym for truth
  4. 4. intelligent creature of unearthly origin
  5. 6. is a substance that can release energy during certain processes.
  6. 7. The largest planet in the solar system
  7. 8. space including star systems and planets
  8. 11. is a universal fundamental interaction between all material bodies.
  9. 12. plant science, section of biology
  10. 13. Person conducting tests in space
  11. 17. is the field of natural science: the science of the simplest and at the same time the most general laws of nature, about matter, its structure and movement.