SCIENCE- Crossword

  1. 2. A person who studies one or more natural sciences
  2. 4. A liquid that we drink
  3. 8. Knowledge about the natural world, based on facts, experiments and observations
  4. 9. A star that shines and gives light and heat to the earth
  5. 11. science Branch of science that studies the earth
  6. 14. Branch of science that deals with chemical elements and compounds
  7. 16. The earth, with all its countries, peoples and natural features
  8. 17. The scientific study of the physical structure of the earth
  9. 18. Things that are alive
  10. 20. A branch of earth science that studies the weather
  11. 22. March or Jupiter are....
  12. 23. Science Branch of Science involving the study of animals, humans or plants
  1. 1. science Branch of Science involving the study of energy and things that are not alive
  2. 3. The study and treatment of diseases and injuries
  3. 5. The scientific study of the ocean
  4. 6. A living thing that grows in the earth and usually has a stem, leaves and roots
  5. 7. A synonym for information
  6. 10. The natural world in which people, animals and plants live
  7. 12. A mixture of gases that we breathe
  8. 13. The scientific study of matter and energy
  9. 15. The scientific study of the life and structure of plants and animals
  10. 19. Things that are not alive
  11. 21. Dogs, tigers or birds are....
  12. 24. A thing that is known to be true