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Science Vocabulary

  1. 2. Variable, is the ONE factor scientists changes or manipulates in an experiment
  2. 4. Notation, a way of expressing a value as the product of a number between 1 and 10
  3. 5. the amount of space taken up by an object
  4. 6. a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena
  5. 8. is the natural science that studies life and living organisms
  6. 12. machinery
  7. 15. educated guess
  8. 16. information you obtain through your senses
  9. 17. straight line distance between two points
  10. 18. the natural science that studies matter
  11. 20. the ratio of an objects mass to its volume
  12. 21. the closeness of a measurement to the actual value of what’s being measured
  13. 23. Method, An organized plan for gathering, organizing and communicating Information
  14. 24. Figures, all the digits known in measurement
  15. 25. a gauge for how exact a measurement is
  1. 1. Variable, is what the scientists measure or observe in the experiment
  2. 3. a representation of an object or event
  3. 7. this class
  4. 9. the science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance
  5. 10. Science, the sciences concerned with the study of inanimate natural objects
  6. 11. the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds
  7. 13. Law, a statement that summarizes a pattern in nature
  8. 14. the quantity of matter in a object or sample
  9. 19. Theory, a well-tested explanation for a set of observations or experimental results
  10. 22. Experiment, an experiment where only the manipulated variable is changed