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  1. 5. v. To change; to get accustomed to something
  2. 7. adv. Practically; in a way that can work
  3. 9. v. To make use of; to carry out
  4. 11. v. To keep or hold
  5. 12. adj. Being an equal distance apart everywhere
  6. 13. n. The act of keeping something in good condition
  7. 17. adv. At a very fast rate
  8. 19. n. The process of burning
  9. 20. adj. Ahead of the times; novel
  10. 21. adj. Chosen simply by whim or chance, not for any specific reason
  11. 22. adv. In a whole or complete manner
  12. 23. n. Setting something into position for use
  13. 25. n. Discovering something that cannot easily be found
  14. 27. adj. Of, or relating to, the sun
  15. 28. n. A part in relation to the whole
  16. 29. adv. Separately; distinctly
  17. 32. v. To lie over part of something; to have elements in common
  18. 34. v. To organize or arrange in succession
  19. 38. n. Something constructed, such as a building
  20. 39. n. The point of origin or creation
  21. 40. n. Precision; exactness
  1. 1. adj. Next to
  2. 2. v. To set off or initiate
  3. 3. v. To transport from one place to another; to transmit or make known
  4. 4. v. To increase or make as great as possible
  5. 6. n. An imitation or representation
  6. 8. v. To press together
  7. 10. v. To be slowly weakened by chemical reactions
  8. 14. adv. Quickly and efficiently
  9. 15. v. To turn around; to take turns in sequence
  10. 16. n. The number written below the line in a fraction
  11. 18. adj. Immeasurably small
  12. 24. v. To pass slowly for a long time, as a liquid or gas might
  13. 26. n. One part of a system or whole
  14. 30. v. To move throughout an area or group; to move along somewhat circular route
  15. 31. v. To come from, usually through a long, slow process
  16. 33. v. To empty or hollow out
  17. 35. n. A central or essential part around which other parts are gathered; a core
  18. 36. n. The cost per unit of a good or service; the motion or change that happens in a certain time.
  19. 37. v. To spread or flow throughout; to pass through or penetrate