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  1. 1. Winds Winds That Blow Steadily From Specific Directions Over Long Distances
  2. 6. Elevation Above Sea Level
  3. 7. The Horizontal Movement Of Air From An Area Of High Pressure To An Area Of Lower Pressure
  4. 9. Cut Off, As In A Front Where A Warm Air Mass Is Caught Between Two Cooler Air Masses
  5. 11. Surge: A “Dome” Of Water That Sweeps Across The Coaster Where A Hurricane Lands
  6. 12. A Rapidly Spinning Column Of Air That Reaches Down To TOuch Earth’s Surface
  7. 13. Moving Away Temporarily From An Area About To Be Affected By Severe Weather
  8. 17. A High Pressured Center Of Dry Air
  9. 18. An Instrument Used To Measure Changes In Air Pressure
  10. 21. An Instrument Used To Measure Relative Humidity
  11. 23. Stream: Bands Of High Speed Winds About 10 Kilometers Above Earth’s Surface
  12. 26. Factor: A Measure Of Cooling Combining Temperature And Wind Speed
  13. 28. Barometer: An Instrument That Measures Changes In Air Pressure, Consisting Of A Glass Tube Partially Filled With Mercury
  14. 30. The Boundary Where Unlike Air Masses Meet But Do Not Mix
  15. 31. A Small Storm Often Accompanied By Heavy Precipitation And Frequent Thunder And Lightning
  16. 32. The Amount Of Water Vapor In A Given Volume Of Air
  17. 33. A Dry Air Mass That Forms Over Land
  18. 34. Winds Winds That Blow Over Short Distances
  19. 35. A Swirling Center Of Low Air Pressure
  20. 36. A Tropical Storm That Has Winds Of About 119 Kilometers Per Hour Or Higher
  21. 39. A Humid Air Mass That Forms Over Oceans
  22. 41. A Violent Disturbance In The Atmosphere
  1. 2. The Distance In Degrees North Or South Of The Equator
  2. 3. A Cold Air Mass That Has High Air Pressure
  3. 4. Cycle: The Movement Of Water Among Earth's Atmosphere Through Evaporation, Condensation, And Precipitation
  4. 5. Barometer: An Instrument That Measures Changes In Air Pressure Without Using Liquid
  5. 8. A Line On A Weather Map That Joins Places That Have The Same Air Pressure
  6. 10. The Process By Which Molecules At The Surface Of A Liquid Absorb Enough Energy To Change To A Gas
  7. 14. The Change Of State From A Gas To A Liquid
  8. 15. A Sudden Spark, Or Energy Discharge, Caused When Electrical Changes Jump Between Parts Of A Cloud
  9. 16. Breeze The Flow Of Cooler Air From Over An Ocean Or Lake Toward Land
  10. 19. An Instrument Used To Measure Wind Speed
  11. 20. Humidity: The Percentage Of Water Vapor In The Air Compared To The Maximum Amount Of Water Vapor That Air Can Contain
  12. 22. Scientists Who Study The Causes Of Weather And Try To Predict It
  13. 24. Mass: A Huge Body Of Air That Has Similar Temperature, Humidity, And Air Pressure At Any Given Height
  14. 25. The Ratio Of The Mass Of A Substance To Its Volume
  15. 27. A Warm Air Mass That Forms In The Tropics And Has Low Air Pressure
  16. 29. Effect The Effect Of Earth's Rotation On The Direction Of Winds And Currents
  17. 37. Pressure: The Pressure Caused By The Weight Of A Column Of Air Pushing Down On An Area
  18. 38. Breeze The Flow Of Air From Land To A Body Of Water
  19. 40. A Line On A Weather Map That Joins Places That Have The Same Temperature