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  1. 3. a mistake or inaccuracy, as in action or speech
  2. 4. the faculty of rational argument, deduction, judgment, etc
  3. 5. Scientific or scholarly search
  4. 8. a proposal or topic presented for consideration
  5. 9. It is important to design an experiment that is easily _______
  6. 13. Red, blue and green are the ____________ colours.
  7. 14. Size or amount of a quantity as compared to a standard
  8. 16. The things you record as you carry out your investigation
  9. 17. A theory that can experimentally be confirmed time-and-time againand usually without change is a _____
  10. 18. Material that doesn't allow an electric current to flow through it
  11. 20. To give an approximate value to a quantity
  12. 22. widely known or frequently encountered; ordinary
  13. 24. the emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence
  14. 27. Something that changes or can be changed in an experiment
  15. 31. Particle with half-integer spin, for an integer that is non-negative, even, and usually small.
  16. 32. Tiny, invisible particle of electricity
  17. 33. a call to engage in a fight, argument, or contest
  18. 34. To notice through careful attention
  19. 39. Empty space
  20. 42. benefit or profit
  21. 44. A unit of force defined as kg•m/s2
  22. 45. A quantity that has both an amount (magnitude) and direction
  23. 47. Electricity that doesn't flow
  24. 48. any evidence that establishes or helps to establish the truth, validity, quality, etc., of something
  25. 49. forming a necessary base or core; of central importance
  26. 52. Energy associated with movement
  27. 55. A long coil of thin wire inside a light bulb (syn. of word fiber)
  28. 57. ground for belief or disbelief; data on which to base proof or to establish truth or falsehood
  29. 58. A property of a body which resists change in its motion
  30. 59. A statement of a possible outcome
  31. 61. in existence at the moment in time at which an utterance is spoken or written
  32. 62. An explanation of a phenomenon that is to be tested
  1. 1. A statement of what you aim to achieve by doing an experiment
  2. 2. to show, using logic and mathematics, how a conclusion follows logically from certain given facts and principles
  3. 6. A phenomenon that occurs when the frequency of forced vibrations on an object matches the objects natural frequency.
  4. 7. You arrive at this after carrying out your experiment
  5. 10. The term used to describe a quantity that has no direction only an amount
  6. 11. Block of glass or other transparent material that disperses light to form a spectrum
  7. 12. Substance that allow some light to pass through
  8. 15. The evidence you collect as you conduct your experiment
  9. 19. Bending of light when it moves from one transparent material to another of different density
  10. 21. ____________ waves are vibrations that move back and forth in one plane
  11. 23. to be unsuccessful in an attempt (at something or to do something)
  12. 25. Mass*velocity
  13. 26. A chemical compound that conducts electricity from one electrode to the other inside a battery
  14. 28. the predominant theme or topic, as of a book, discussion, etc
  15. 29. A question or issue that needs to be solved
  16. 30. a way of acting or progressing in a course of action, esp an established method
  17. 35. A coil of wire that has an electric current flowing through it
  18. 36. A measurement of electric current flow
  19. 37. A type variable that you can change in your experiment
  20. 38. Occurs when light hits a surface and bounces off in a different direction
  21. 40. an arrangement of repeated or corresponding parts, decorative motifs, etc
  22. 41. The force due to gravity
  23. 42. When light shines on a black surface, all the colours are ____________.
  24. 43. Lines, bars, etc. used to relate two sets of numbers
  25. 46. Lens that is thicker at the edges than in the middle
  26. 50. A measure of how well something uses energy
  27. 51. a device that generates an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light (or other electromagnetic radiation) by stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms or molecules.
  28. 53. Lens to make things look bigger
  29. 54. A circuit breaker is a ____________ that automatically turns off the flow of electricity when there is an overload.
  30. 56. The amount of energy in each sound wave
  31. 59. a particle of light; packets of energy
  32. 60. Electric current whose flow of charge is always in one direction is called ___ current.