1. 2. science that studies the composition, structure and characteristics of the organic tissues of living beings.
  2. 4. Science that is dedicated to the study of human societies.
  3. 8. science that studies insects.
  4. 10. science that studies the relationships of different living things with each other and with their environment
  5. 12. science that studies the structure of living things
  6. 13. science that studies the evolution of species.
  7. 15. Science that studies animals.
  8. 16. science that studies fungi.
  9. 18. Science that is in charge of studying viruses.
  10. 19. science that studies the human being
  1. 1. Study of microorganisms.
  2. 3. science that studies the chemical composition of living things.
  3. 5. science that is dedicated to the study of genes.
  4. 6. science that deals with the study of plants.
  5. 7. science that studies the cellular behavior of living beings
  6. 9. Science that studies the organic beings that inhabited the Earth.
  7. 11. Scientific study of animal behavior.
  8. 13. Science that studies mental processes, sensations, perceptions and behavior of the human being.
  9. 14. science that studies the organs of living beings and their functioning.
  10. 17. Science that studies the classification of organisms.