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Scripting Workflow 2

  1. 4. concerns a recruiter should probe further when vetting an applicant (8 letters/2 words)
  2. 7. being dedicated to an activity (10 letters)
  3. 13. the assistance provided by a company to those people who buy or use its services (15 letters/2 words)
  4. 14. a communication quality that enables someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with others (10 letters/2 words)
  5. 16. when reviewing an applicant with significant experience, recruiters need to probe to ensure the applicant has realistic ___________ (12 letters)
  6. 17. an organized activity aimed at imparting information/instructions to help an individual attain knowledge or skills (8 letters)
  7. 18. the quality of being at hand when needed (12 letters)
  8. 19. reserving a spot for an individual for the next step in our process (7 letters)
  9. 20. what recruiters should do with applicants when scripting (7 letters)
  10. 21. a person who has applied and was previously employed by the same company (6 letters)
  1. 1. the latest time or date by which something should be completed (8 letters)
  2. 2. a form of problem solving with someone (12 letters)
  3. 3. a sheet used to show applicants who have applied to OneSupport (6 letters)
  4. 5. includes the days and times that an individual is available to work (8 letters)
  5. 6. shows intense or eager interest (12 letters)
  6. 8. someone who has previously applied for a job (14 letters/two words)
  7. 9. when reviewing an applicant's resume, we look for these in their employment history (4 letters)
  8. 10. an applicant that has higher expectations than are reasonable for an entry level job due to previous work history (5 letters)
  9. 11. when an applicant is recommended by a current employee (8 letters)
  10. 12. the act of verifying your work to ensure there are no mistakes (11 letters/2 words)
  11. 15. the knowledge or skill acquired over time (10 letters)