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  1. 5. If the client reports SSI based on disability and/or blindness was terminated due to financial factors, __________ medical eligibility
  2. 6. _________ is an acronym for Disability Determination Service
  3. 9. The DHS-3503-MRT is called the Medical Determination _____________ Checklist
  4. 10. __________'s final determination that a client is not disabled and/or blind supersedes DDS’s certification.
  5. 11. ____________age 65 or older may receive SDA.
  6. 16. Persons receiving Michigan ____________ Services meets the SDA disability criteria
  7. 18. The DDS will gather and review the medical ___________ and either certify or deny the disability claim based on the medical evidence
  8. 19. To receive SDA, a person must be ___________, caring for a disabled person, or age 65 or older.
  9. 20. The ___________is not required to gather medical evidence
  10. 21. DDS will _______the client's disability determination and record it on the DHS-49-A
  11. 22. The current location of your favorite Bloom trainer, Sallie
  1. 1. The client or authorized representative must sign the DHS-1555, Authorization to Release Protected __________ Information, to request existing medical records.
  2. 2. A person is disabled for SDA purposes if he or she is diagnosed as having Acquired ____________________Syndrome (AIDS).
  3. 3. An _____________ representative is a person who applies for assistance on behalf of the client and/or otherwise acts on their behalf
  4. 4. For SDA and MA only, the DDS may put a case on medical __________ for further development
  5. 7. DDS does not accept electronic medical records in the form of CDs or __________
  6. 8. DHS-49-F, Medical-Social Questionnaire form is mandatory.
  7. 12. A person is disabled for SDA purposes if he or she resides in a qualified ____________ Living Arrangement (SLA) facility.
  8. 13. _________ is an Acronym for Substance Abuse treatment Center
  9. 14. A person receiving post-______________ substance abuse treatment meets SDA disability criteria for 30 days following discharge from the SATC
  10. 15. A DHS-54A, Medical _________ form can be used as verification for the caretaker of a disabled person
  11. 17. A caretaker of a disabled person may receive SDA provided that the assistance of the caretaker is medically necessary for at least _________ days and the caretaker and the disabled person live together