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SEF20 Git Animation

  1. 4. The secondary branch used in the example
  2. 5. Almost all non-merge commits have ___ parent
  3. 7. In addition to an author time, every git commit has a ____ _____
  4. 9. A merge commit has ___ parents
  5. 10. Once the branch feature merges into master, they both contain the _____ commits and contents
  6. 11. It is not always possible to tell from which branch a commit originated from true/false
  7. 12. In addition to an author, every git commit has a ______
  1. 1. When we make a commit, the commit goes to the branch indicated by the ____
  2. 2. The commit message for a merge commit (e.g., Commit 7 in the example) is autogenerated by git and starts with the word ____
  3. 3. The first commit to a Git repository has ___ parents
  4. 6. A Git repository needs to have at least a _____ commit
  5. 7. In the example, we used consecutive integers, but in reality, a SHA1 hash is used (two words)
  6. 8. The original branch used in the example