Senior Year Wrap Up

  1. 5. Next four years.
  2. 8. Water ride in Universal that got us all unexpectedly soaked.
  3. 13. Final day in Disney, water park.
  4. 15. First park we went to in Disney.
  5. 17. Show from the first night with all the characters from Disney.
  6. 18. Senior class advisor, resident expert in all things Disney
  7. 19. Water race in Blizzard Beach that Mr. Wister is undefeated in.
  8. 20. Instrument played in senior year concert band.
  1. 1. English teacher that chaperoned in Disney this year.
  2. 2. Ride in Animal Kingdom that we waited over two hours and was worth every second.
  3. 3. Roller coaster in Hollywood Studios that plays Aerosmith on repeat.
  4. 4. Delicious ice cream bars with chocolate coating in Disney.
  5. 6. Park in which we had fried chicken and waffles next to Cinderella's castle.
  6. 7. Senior year vacation with dad and the Browns.
  7. 9. Senior year prom date.
  8. 10. Ride in Magic Kingdom that we were the first ones on.
  9. 11. What you are most deprived of in Disney.
  10. 12. Disney worker who gave us free fast passes for making friends with him.
  11. 14. Country within Epcot that we ended up eating delicious stir fry in.
  12. 16. Song sung by Toto that we played a lot in Disney, also a country.