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  1. 3. This is the person or thing in the sentence that carries out the action.
  2. 4. The name given to sentences that have at least two main clauses.
  3. 6. will and have are examples of these types of verbs.
  4. 9. We use these to join two or more main clauses.
  5. 10. Clause The part of a sentence that needs a main clause to make sense.
  6. 13. The minimum number of verbs that are in a compound sentence.
  7. 14. The name given to an incomplete sentence.
  1. 1. The number of verbs in a simple sentence.
  2. 2. A sentence is not complete without this.
  3. 5. clause Another word for sentence.
  4. 7. This is an example of a subordinating conjunction.
  5. 8. And, but, so and yet are examples of these types of conjunctions.
  6. 11. Every sentence needs to have one of these.
  7. 12. The most common type of sentence in English.