September puzzle

  1. 1. Hyde Park Village's newest resident.
  2. 6. This TBAY city passed their budget in September.
  3. 9. Tiny home community located just outside Tampa.
  4. 10. This type of bird made its way to TBAY from Cuba during Hurricane Idalia.
  5. 11. Yacht Starships is launching a ... on the Hillsborough River.
  1. 2. Super League Tampa Bay is building a practice field in ...
  2. 3. Name of an incoming Downtown Tampa tower.
  3. 4. This Tampa Bay bus service will start charging fares in October.
  4. 5. How much will the Rays' new stadium cost?
  5. 7. What local art piece was honored this month?
  6. 8. What soulful songstress played MidFlorida this month?
  7. 12. This popular TBAY bagel shop is opening its first drive-thru location.