Shakespeare Trivia

  1. 3. Why do Donalbain and Malcolm run away from Scotland?
  2. 6. Which character stated that life is a tale told by an idiot?
  3. 7. Where was Shakespeare born?
  4. 10. When was Shakespeare's first play written?
  5. 11. What is the name of Shakespeare’s mother?
  6. 13. Shakespeare eventually retired from public life and returned to Stratford in which year?
  7. 14. What is the tragic flaw of Macbeth?
  8. 15. What does Macduff do when he is informed about the slaughter of his family?
  9. 17. What was Shakespeare's wife's name?
  10. 19. Which two of Shakespeare's plays are entirely written in verse?
  1. 1. What was the name of the book that was published after Shakespeare's death and included all of his plays?
  2. 2. What is the location of Shakespeare's grave?
  3. 4. In his will, what did Shakespeare leave to his wife?
  4. 5. What was the main setting of Macbeth?
  5. 8. Which of Shakespeare's plays is the shortest?
  6. 9. How many sonnets did William Shakespeare write in total during his career?
  7. 12. Which type of play is Romeo and Juliet?
  8. 16. Which street was William Shakespeare born?
  9. 18. What is the tragic flaw of Macbeth?